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What We Offer

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Pet sitting

Find trusted pet sitter and leave your pet in his house

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Pet Nanny

Find a person who will look after your pet and house, while you are out

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Dog Walking

Find the best dog walkers

How It Works?

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Vacation? Urgent business trip?

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Choose your pet sitter and make a reservation

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Your pet is good hands and covered with VetsForPets insurance!

Benefits for pet owners

  • Verified People

    Each pet sitter have to validate his account first.

  • Best Hosters

    Our rating system makes easier to find the best pet sitters for your pet

  • Additional Skills

    Check what additional skills some pet sitters have to get the most out for you and your pet

  • Insurance Pets

    Your pet covered with premium insurance VetsForPets

Become a pet sitter

  • Get extra money

  • Easy and comfort to use

  • Find a new friends for your pet

  • Already cynologist or pet groomer? Get additional practice!

We care about your pet!

Ordering with us your pet is covered by VetsForPets premium insurace.