• FlatsForPets

    FlatsForPets service was created for like-minded people, who can’t imagine their lives without pets. Today, pet owners increasingly facing such problems as: «Where to leave my dog during my vacation?» or «Who can walk my dog while my unexpected meeting?» Our service can help every pet owner to resolve such issues, connecting them with trusted person, who can take care of pet while they have no such possibility.

  • What services you can book via FlatsForPets?

    Pet sitting - leave your pet in pet sitter’s house
    Nanny for a pet - pet sitter will look after your pet on your territory
    Dog walking - find a person who will walk your dog

  • How to book a service?

    Choose the type of your pet
    Choose the type of service you are looking for
    Choose your location
    Choose the dates
    Look through available pet sitter’s profile due to your parameters. Additionally, you can filter profiles if you’re seeking for something special. For example you can find a person who offers to cook food for your pet in the case you prefer natural feeding, or you can find a person who has no other animals in the case your pet feels stressed in the company.

  • How to choose the pet sitter?

    FlatsForPets offers pet sitter’s rating system, so you can always look through reviews, profile photos, conditions your pet will stay and locations.
    IMPORTANT: We suggest to choose verified profiles with all information filled.

  • Payment process

    All payments on FlatsForPets are online.
    To make your deals safe we implemented such payment system:

    You choose the type of the service and the pet sitter you want to book. Just after you will be redirected to payment page. IMPORTANT: Firstly, we suggest to contact pet sitter via our messaging system.
    After you will pay for service, money will be blocked on your account and service request will be send to pet sitter. Pet sitter has 24 hours to respond on your request. If not, paid amount will be released back to your account immediately.
    When pet sitter accepts your request, money transfers from your account to our payment system partner (PayU). PayU will holds the money during all service term + 24 hours. And only after this terms they will release money to pet sitter’s account.
    If something had happened with your pet during 24 hours after the service (or happened during the service) you will have a possibility to make a compliance and ask for refunding.
    Please, look through Terms of Use document for more details.

  • FlatsForPets commission

    FlatsForPets is commercial organization. We have worked on our project for a long time to bring you the best experience and practices available. Our mission to create safe and effective service not only for pet owners, but also for pet sitters. To develop our service we have set up so called «commission fee» which means that 10% from transaction on the side of pet owner and 10% percent on the side of pet sitters. Part of this commission fee goes for charity to help homeless and sick pets in Poland.
    To help us develop our service we want to ask you just one thing. If you have found pet sitter with the help of our service, please don’t try to make the deal outside FlatsForPets. First of all it will make us upset. Secondly, one day, when you will need to find a pet sitter, instead our beautifully designed page you possibly could see such text: «404 error. This page is not existing anymore»
    We leave ourselves the right to block everyone, who will try to make the deals outside FlatsForPets

  • Who can become a pet sitter?

    Everyone who really loves dogs, cats, rabbits, fishes, reptiles and other pets can become a pet sitter on FlatsForPets. Every registered user on our service, can be a pet sitter and pet owner at the same time.
    We expect our pet sitters to be responsible and motivated persons, who will put pet safety and comfort on the first place.
    Please look through Terms of Use document to get more information about pet sitter responsibility.

  • How to become a pet sitter?

    To become a pet sitter, click «Become a pet sitter» button on the main page.
    IMPORTANT: Before accepting Terms of Use document please read it.
    After signing up, create your first service. If you have chosen a dog, please specify dog size you’re ready to deal with, specify type of feeding, gender etc,. Define your price range and click «Next step»
    Tell your future customers about yourself. The more information you will provide, the more orders you will receive in future. Add your photos. Show your customers in what conditions their pets will stay. Specify your real address, to help people in finding your location on the map.
    Next step is calendar. Specify the dates you’re available. You can choose specific dates (for ex. every weekend) or choose «Always available». We suggest to be very defined in choosing the dates, because our smart calendar helps not only to organize your time, it will helps your customers to find you exactly on the dates you are really available.
    Next step is payment details. Please provide your bank account number. Registration is FREE of charge. We need your payment data just to make payouts to your bank account, after you will provide a service for your customers. We’re not using your personal data and and we do not pass it to third parties. On this stage you can skip this step, but anyway, you will have to do it after you will receive your first order.
    So, now you are registered as a pet sitter. In pet sitter workspace you can add additional photos, add information, choose additional skills, look through orders and payments to your account. Also, you can add as much services, as you want. For example, you can host not only dogs or cats at your house, but also fishes or reptiles. It’s all up to you.

  • What if I have payed for service, but pet sitter rejected my order or didn’t respond within 24 hours?

    All payed amount will be returned to your account. So, no worries.