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Alicia S. 26 years
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Additional Skills:

Additional Skills:
  • Vet care
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About this listing

I am a 5th year veterinary student at the Warsaw university of life sciences (SGGW) so it goes without saying that I LOVE all animals! :) I am originally from Sri Lanka, and I live with 3 more international (Vet) students in a 5 bedroom flat. I'm looking forward to looking after your pet :)

My Pets

I have: Dog
Her name is Aria and she gets along with any other dog :) I adopted her about 1 year ago AND she is well trained.
Address: ul stryjenskich 19


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Pet sitting
  • Pet age: All
  • Nutrition: Natural, Dry Food
  • Pet size: All
  • Pet gender: All
40 zl

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