Millisenta S. 2 years
  • verified
35 zl
Responds: ---
Last activity: almost 3 years
Response Rate: ---

Additional Skills:

Presence during the day:
  • Half day
Specific Skills:
  • More than 1 year of experience
  • I speak English
I have experience with:
  • Behavioral problems
  • Caring for elderly pets
I also offer:
  • Pick up
  • Drop off
I can administer:
  • Oral medications
I can provide:
  • 24/7 supervision

About this listing

I’m a student of Lazarski University. Originally from Ukraine and 21 years old I love pets of all types, but unfortunately often change place of living and can not afford one for myself. But I would love to spend some time with Your pet and it would me much fun for both of us:)
Address: Solec 83


Here are briefly outlined all the services that petsitter provides right now as well as their price

Dog Walking
  • Pet age: All
  • Pet size: Small
15 zl
Pet sitting
  • Pet age: All
  • Nutrition: Dry Food
  • Pet size: Middle
  • Pet gender: All
35 zl
Pet sitting
15 zl
Pet sitting
25 zl
Pet sitting
30 zl

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